2020 Wannier tutorial “Virtual Edition”

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Virtual Machine

Quantum Mobile 20.03.1

python packages

aiida-core 1.1.0, aiida-quantumespresso 3.0.0a6 , aiida-wannier90 2.0.0, aiida-wannier90-workflows 1.0.1


Quantum Espresso 6.5, Wannier90 3.1.0


The credentials of the Quantum Mobile VM are the following: username: max, password: moritz. Also, when you start the VM, to make it more performant you might want to set 2 CPUs, and 2GB of RAM or more. If the machine becomes slow after a few hours of use, in VirtualBox 6 you can change the settings of the graphics controller to VMSVGA.

These are the hands-on materials from the 1-day AiiDA tutorial, part of the Wannier90 v3.0: new features and applications, that should have been held on March 25-27, 2020 in Oxford (UK) but was converted to a “Virtual Edition” (as discussed on the online page).

AiiDA-Wannier90 hands-on

In-depth tutorial

In this tutorial, no in-depth tutorial on AiiDA has been presented.

If you are interested, you can check the in-depth tutorial of the Xiamen 2019 tutorial or of the EPFL 2019 tutorial.