2019, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Virtual Machine

Custom VM used for the Ljubljana 2019 tutorial

or Quantum Mobile 19.09.0

python packages

aiida-core 1.0.0b6, aiida-quantumespresso 3.0.0a5


Quantum Espresso 6.3


The credentials of the custom VM are the following: username: user, password: qe2019. Also, when you start it, to make it more performant you might want to set 2 CPUs, and 2GB of RAM or more. If the machine becomes slow after a few hours of use, in VirtualBox 6 you can change the settings of the graphics controller to VMSVGA.

These are the hands-on materials from the 1-day AiiDA tutorial, part of the Summer School on Advanced Materials and Molecular Modelling, held on September 16-20, 2019 in Ljubljana (Slovenia).


During the tutorial, some of the AiiDA developers will be online and available to help on the qe2019-ljubljana Slack workspace. An invitation link will be given during the tutorial.

AiiDA hands-on materials

In-depth tutorial

In this tutorial, no in-depth tutorial has been presented.

If you are interested, you can check the in-depth tutorial of the Xiamen 2019 tutorial or of the EPFL 2019 tutorial.


The Summer School on Advanced Materials and Molecular Modelling was made possible by support from the Quantum ESPRESSO foundation, MaX, and the Jožef Stefan Institute.

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